Toronto PATH Underground Shopping Complex

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PATH is not your traditional shopping mall, but rather an underground shopping complex that sits below Downtown Toronto and stretches over 28 kilometers in total. It’s listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as being the world’s largest underground shopping complex. The total retail space (close to 400,000 square feet) is actually close to that of the West Edmonton Mall.

While PATH consists of over 1,200 stores it also provides pedestrians with linkage to various public transit locations and accommodates nearly 100,00 comuters each and every day. There are also more than 50 offices and major buildings that are connected through the PATH system including the CN Tower and Rogers Centre.

The complex is open 365 days per week and store hours may vary from store to store. If you’re looking for a specific store or you’re planning to visit PATH, we’d recommend you download the official PATH map to assist you in navigating the PATH shopping complex.

Review by: andrea smith
April 10, 2013

not really a big fan of using path for shopping. it's way too confusing to get around and pretty intimidating. would much rather do my shopping at a normal mall.

For a listing of stores and shops within the PATH complex, we recommend you check out

Toronto Landscape TV takes a look at the PATH underground shopping mall and gives you a short 5 minute tour of the complex.

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